Big Black Delta album out NOW

We're very pleased to announce that the highly anticipated self titled album from Big Black Delta is out now. Featuring never before heard tracks and the brand new single 'Side Of The Road', you can grab your copy from iTunes HERE or on limited edition vinyl from the official store HERE.

Side Of The Road on Pitchfork

The official video for Big Black Delta's brand new single 'Side of The Road' is now streaming on Pitchfork. Check out the video below and buy the album HERE

MTV Hive Streams new BBD Single 'Side Of The Road'

MTV Hive have premiered the brand new Big Black Delta single, Side Of The Road. You can stream the track online exclusively right HERE

Big Black Delta - Betamax

Big Black Delta releases Betamax, with remixes from Martyn, Deft, Matt Walsh, Kove, Vaal, MakeUp & Vanity Set, Sonoio, Climbers, Shameboy & Lord John Fonda. 

Buy on itunes now:




Big Black Delta - US Tour EP

Big Black Delta releases US Tour EP 'BETAMAX EP'


Download here:



BIG BLACK DELTA - Clash Review

Clash Magazine came to review Big Black Delta at his London show in association with Last FM at The Barfly in Camden this month. 


"Jonathan Bates, the brains behind BBD, likes his music to be immersive, intense, and brazen. Percussion takes centre stage, with solid kicks and crackling snares riding alongside his ethereal, spacey vocals, wandering pads and intricate melodies."



Read the full article here -


Big Black Delta played his first London show at The Barfly in Camden this month. Photos below.




Throwing Snow Remixes Big Black Delta's IFUCKINGLOVEYOU
"Throwing Snow’s productions often have a brilliantly chilly quality, a deft touch of frost.

Tracks like ‘Shadower’ and the mighty ‘Too Polite’ showed the London-based producer balancing atmosphere and a fidgety dancefloor sensibility. He’s also been a busy bee, with a new four-track EP, Clamor, due on his own Snowfall imprint later this year. FACT have the first play of his new remix of Big Black Delta’s ‘IFUCKINGLOVEYOU’, and it’s another testament to this producer’s curious talents.

Big Black Delta’s original is a mental slice of Gothic indie-pop, not a million miles away from The Mooney Suzuki’s ‘Alive & Amplified’. Throwing Snow’s take is a sparser affair, but, that’s not to say there aren’t cheap kicks to be had. Where the original bombards you with compressed noise, the remix coaxes you in with a balmy wash of synth. As with the tricksy ‘Too Polite’, it’s a false start: Throwing Snow flings off the ear-mufflers and turns out the sort of tinned breakbeat you might hear on a Major Lazer crossover cut. By turns beguiling and super-fun, it’s an odd exercise in contrast from a producer clearly not afraid to square the circle."